Extraordinary bike tours along the Croatian coast

Day three: Hvar – island of Vis (32 km; moderate and at times challenging)

Furthest away inhabited island in east coast of Adriatic, Vis was visited by the ancient Greeks from Syracuse 2300 years ago. Bringing their grapevines with them, they established another colony- Issa. As we are finishing our breakfast, we will be docking in to the beautiful harbour of Vis town...

Day Four — Molat and Dugi Otok islands, 18 km + 17-31 km (easy at times moderate )

Our captain will be early up to sail us towards the tiny island of Molat where we have another gentle ride, mesmerized by all the colours and scents of the blooming wild flowers! An island where time has stopped, very few people inhabit this flower island therefore there is no police or doctor or school, but there is a library !

Day four: islands of Hvar and Brac (51km; moderate)

Hvar holds the title as the longest island in Dalmatia and therefore the most perfect island for cycling! Quaint little town of Sucuraj lays at the most southern tip of the island, where we unload our bikes. Passing few barely inhabited villages, there is an extreme difference between the north and south part of the island. We will reach Jelsa, a quiet town set in the middle of the island.


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