Check out our sister company Pedal & Sea Adventures

“Pedal & Sea Adventures” is a Canadian tour company offering bicycle tours in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland, as well as overseas in Croatia, Italy Ireland and Norway. The company is run by Dana Gallant who founded Pedal & Sea almost 20 years ago. The company continues to double in size every couple years and holding an almost 80% retention rate. We have so much to show you on tour, you will see beautiful landscapes and seascapes, visit fascinating historic towns and eat some of the best local food the area has to offer!

Tours offered by Pedal & Sea Adventures

Nova Scotia: We offer 5 bike tours in our home province of Nova Scotia


Prince Edward Island: Fall in love with Canada’s smallest province


Newfoundland: Experience Newfoundland’s historic Viking Trail by bicycle


Italy: We offer 2 tours in Italy – romantic Tuscany and sunny Puglia


Ireland: A cycling adventure through the Emerald Isle