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Cycle and Sea Adventures headquarters: Ante Kovačića 23, Rijeka, Croatia, +385 (0)91-5146741 email info@cycleandseaadventures.com


Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all guided cycle tours booked through Cycle and Sea Adventures:

Bookings & confirmation

You may register for the trip by returning the reservation form by mail or by phoning. A deposit of 400 EUR per person is required. We ask you to pay this by bank transfer made out to Cycle and Sea Adventures Inc. The balance will be due forty-five (45) days prior to departure. When sending your final payment by bank transfer, please allow 10 days for this transaction to reach our bank.

Upon receipt of your deposit we will send you a confirmation package, including your receipt, weather report, what to bring, reading suggestions, and any other information we deem necessary to help make this trip as fulfilling as possible.

Privacy Policy

We will only use your personal details in connection with your booking arrangements, unless you agree otherwise.

Cancellations & Refunds

You may cancel your booking at any time by sending us written notice to that effect.

Our refund policy is based on the date the cancellation is received in our office. Should you find it necessary to cancel your reservation at least sixty days prior to departure you will receive 50% of your deposit. Cancellations received between 60 and 45 days from the tour date will forfeit deposit. Cancellations within 45 days require full payment of the tour cost. We recommend you purchase trip cancellation insurance.

Cycle and Sea Adventures reserves the right to cancel any tour prior to departure for any reason and, in such an event, a full refund of all payments received will be returned. We will do our best to provide 30 days notice of cancellation to give ample time to make other travel arrangements.

Cycle and Sea Adventures is not responsible for additional expenses such as nonrefundable “Advance Purchase” airline tickets. Trip cancellation insurance is encouraged.

Please note: For deposits being returned to non-euro bank accounts, all refunds will be based on exchange rate at time of booking.

We take no responsibility for fluctuations in exchange rates and all refunds will be made at the exchange rate set by Cycle and Sea Adventures bank on the day any transfer takes place. This rate may be higher or lower than the exchange rate at the time the deposit was received.


It is strongly recommended that all clients purchase adequate travel insurance.

Customer Reservation Change

Places on each tour are allocated on a provisional basis to riders who complete either: a registration form on the web page for that tour; a booking form on the website; or a booking form we send to you by email.When we have sufficient interested riders for the tour to go ahead you will be asked to pay a deposit and/or the balance/full payment by a specified date.

Allocation is made on a first-come, first-served basis. However, no place can be guaranteed until:

a completed booking form for each rider/group of riders is returned

your deposit is paid

you receive confirmation of a place on the tour from Cycle and Sea Adventures

Please note: if the above actions are not completed by the specified date your place(s) on the tour may be offered to other riders.

When a booking is made by one person on behalf of a number of riders, it is the duty of the person making the booking to ensure he or she has the authority of the other rider(s) to make such a booking.

After your booking form and deposit are received, you should receive a confirmation letter or email from Cycle and Sea Adventures.

In the event that insufficient other riders proceed with the booking we reserve the right to cancel the tour, in which case your deposit will be returned in full (subject to any transfer costs sent by international payments).


The price per person as advertised on the Cycle and Sea Adventures website is based on two people sharing a room.

A single person supplement will apply to all bookings that relate to one person.

Where riders are prepared to share we will organise twin rooms if possible and charge accordingly. However, if this cannot be arranged, individual riders will have to pay the single supplement.

Please note: Prices advertised on the website are correct at the time of publication. However, we reserve the right to raise or lower the final total package price in order to reflect changes in costs of individual aspects of the package and/or to reflect changes in exchange rates.

Tour itineraries & services provided

Cycle and Sea Adventures will arrange the itinerary for each tour as detailed on the website.

However, we reserve the right to change the exact route and overnight stops where necessary.

For each tour the full price will include the following:

Additional information and possible organization if needed is possible. However, we do not provide organized flights from your arrival points and to departure points and back not as part of the programs when the requested service is not clearly stated in the service descriptions.

Reservations—before & after the trip

Let us know if we can help in suggesting and securing lodgings before and after your tour. Credit card details will be required to guarantee your reservation(s).

Meals and water

We not have a support vehicle and you are responsible to carry supplies of fresh mineral water.

We will make suggestions of cafes/restaurants for snack/drink stops. However, these are not included in the price of the tour and are your responsibility.

Accommodations (On tours other than our Croatia tours).

We have gone that extra mile to ensure that the accommodations we have selected for your tour meet our standards for excellence. Whenever possible we select rooms with either queen or twin beds and ensuite bathrooms. If you are traveling alone, and have given us at least 60 days notice, we’ll make every effort to provide a roommate so you do not have to pay a single supplement. A single traveller requesting a single room will be charged the full single supplement. It may be necessary from time to time to secure lodgings at another hotel or inn, but our usual high standards apply.

Guide and/or cycling directions

A member of Cycle and Sea Adventures team will be available as a guide to cycle with the group for every day of the tour.

In the event that riders do not stay in one group, the guide will stay with the slower or larger group.

Riders who want to go ahead of the main group on the planned route do this at their own risk. We do not guarantee to provide maps or printed route instructions.

Your Bicycle

You may, of course, bring your own bicycle. But if you decide not to, we have a well-maintained fleet of lightweight rentals available including touring road bikes, aluminium road bikes, carbon road bikes, and aluminium, lightweight hybrids. We even have helmets available, but please let us know that you need one before leaving home. If you already have a love-hate relationship with your own bike saddle, bring it along and we’ll install it at the start of your adventure. (This goes for your pedals as well!)

Support vehicle/breakdown/mechanical assistance

We do not have a support vehicle on our Croatia tours.

In the case of a mechanical problem that renders a bicycle unrideable or other emergency (accident, health problem etc.) we will arrange transport, either using the support vehicle or another vehicle (taxi or public transport), for the rider(s) and bicycle(s) involved.

A member of the Cycle and Sea Adventures team will assist with any minor mechanical problems you have while cycling.

However, this may involve waiting and we recommend you are able to fix any minor problems (e.g. punctures, cable adjustments) yourself.

In the event that a bicycle is unrideable, we will transport you and your machine either to that day’s end point or to a town where a mechanic/spares can be sourced.

You will be responsible for the cost of any repairs to bikes beyond normal wear and tear (whether hired or privately-owned).

We strongly recommend any privately-owned bikes are thoroughly serviced before being brought on tour and that you also bring any essential spares, such as inner tubes, tyres, cables, brake pads, etc.

Bicycle hire

Bicycle hire is not included in the price of the tour.

You are welcome to bring your own bicycle

If you require a bicycle hire we will arrange this for you but payment will be additional and you will be responsible for your own machine, including its insurance and ensuring its safety at all times.

Your responsibilities on the tour

You must have all appropriate and necessary health/medical and travel insurance.

It is your responsibility to ensure you are physically fit enough to undertake the tour you have booked.

You must also fully disclose any pre-existing illness or condition that might affect your ability to complete the ride or to ride safely. Cycle and Sea Adventures does not accept any responsibility for your failure to complete any tour due to lack of fitness, illness or injury.

Cycling risks & safety

You accept that you will be cycling on public roads and the risks this involves. All bookings are made on the basis that you undertake the tour at your own risk.

It is your responsibility to cycle in a safe manner at all times.

While it is not compulsory to wear a cycle helmet in Croatia (unless riding an electrically-assisted bicycle), we advise that you wear a cycle helmet at all times.


You will be provided with a guide while on the tour, and taken on a planned route.

If you decide to take an alternative route you must inform a member of the Cycle and Sea Adventures team and agree a meeting point and time.

If you separate from the main group it is your responsibility to keep in touch with the Cycle and Sea Adventures team. We strongly recommend you bring a mobile telephone (cell) and provide this number before departure.

Personal supplies & clothing

You are responsible for carrying sufficient water so as to avoid dehydration. We also advise you carry suitable snacks.

All riders must carry any clothing they may need for each day’s ride, including suitable waterproof clothing.

Riders bringing their own bicycles are responsible for ensuring they have a bicycle pannier or similar for carrying spare clothing/waterproofs/snacks etc.

Arrival in Croatia

At the start of the tour you are responsible for making your own way to the airport specified in the itinerary for that particular tour, or at any other agreed meeting point.

If you do not arrive at the designated meeting point by the specified time and date (or any other agreed meeting point) we will endeavour to make alternative arrangements for you. However, these may involve an extra charge and we will not refund the costs.

Impact of weather, force majeure etc.

We cannot guarantee what the weather will be like. By booking this tour you agree that you will cycle on the days/dates specified in the itinerary necessary to get from one overnight stop to another.

In the event of extreme weather or other events that we deem make it impossible, unsafe or impractical for any member of the group , we have the right to make changes accordingly.

However, we are not responsible for any extra charges this may incur.

We shall have no liability to you if a tour cannot go ahead or continue due to an event of force majeure.


Cycle and Sea Adventures reserves the right to copyright, re-use, publish and republish by any medium, including electronically, any photos that may be taken while participating in an Cycle and Sea Adventures’ trip. This also includes the use of any printed matter in conjunction therewith.

Liability Release

Every tour participant agrees to sign a liability release as a condition for participation in the tour. This waiver will accompany your packet and we ask that you sign and date it before returning it back to the office. You acknowledge that your trip with Cycle and Sea Adventures will be subject to the terms and conditions of Cycle and Sea Adventures’ standard form of agreement. Cycle and Sea Adventures will not assume responsibility or liability for any loss or damage of personal effects or for any injury or loss before, during, or after the tour.

We will not be liable to you where any alleged loss or damage results from:

any of your own actions or omissions or those of any member of your party;

the action or omission of a third party not connected with the provision of your tour; or

an event or circumstances which we could not have predicted or avoided even after taking all reasonable care;

an action or omission on the part of any accommodation provider or cycle hirer; or

where any loss or damage is considered to be indirect or consequential loss.

Except in respect of death and personal injury, our total liability to you under this contract between us shall be limited to the total cost of your booking.


We at Cycle and Sea Adventures guarantee that we’ll do our best to give you a memorable, rewarding experience. We’ll be responsible to the tour participants only for supplying land services offered as set forth in the tour description, except to the extent such services cannot be supplied due to causes beyond the organizer’s control. In such case,s the tour organizers will make great effort to supply comparable services and accommodations.

Cycle and Sea Adventures reserves the right to alter the itinerary in the event such changes are advisable or necessary for any reason whatsoever, or to cancel any tour. In the case where we deem it necessary to cancel your tour we will refund all money paid to us on your behalf from our Croatian office.

Ship Rules

Passengers on board are obliged to abide to the ship rules, as the captain is responsible for the safety of all passengers and the crew. The captain has the right to change the itinerary in case of bad weather or similar inappropriate conditions in ports to ensure safety on board.

Passports are to be handed to the captain for registration on the first day of the cruise.

Jumping or diving from the boat during navigation is strictly forbidden. For safety reasons climbing on the masts is also forbidden.

During rough weather movement should be done with care and as little as possible. The floors can often be wet and slippery. Passengers should take extra care crossing between the boats when they are docked together in port. Do not hesitate to ask a crew member for assistance when crossing. The guests moving between the ships is at the individual’s responsibility.

Safety jackets are found under the seats in the dining area or below the bunks in the cabins.

As the ships are explicitly acoustic passengers are asked to behave accordingly. Special attention must be given to night peace onboard, which officially is at midnight.

Clients are responsible for looking after their personal belongings whilst travelling. The Operator cannot be held responsible for any personal belongings left behind or damaged on any trip irrespective of the circumstances.

Smoking in the restaurant area and in the cabins is not allowed and when smoking on the designated area passengers must not throw cigarette butts in the sea.

Bed linen must not be taken out of the cabins.

Passengers are not permitted to bring drinks and food on board. This includes all drinks and food products purchased on shore in ports of call. The only exceptions are: personal care products, liquid medicine, food products specifically for infants and food products for special diets.

Please take special attention not to throw anything into toilets except toilet paper provided in the cabins.

Guests are obliged to respect meal times on board, which are placed on the board in the salon, as well as departure times to next port.

Any damage must be compensated to the captain by the passenger.

It is strictly forbidden to throw rubbish into the sea.

Water is scarce on every boat, therefore please be very rational with it. The same applies to the electricity which runs on the generator.

Guests must close portholes in cabins below deck during navigation (if applicable), to avoid their cabins getting wet by the sea water entering cabin through the porthole.

The captain and the crew will be available for any questions or queries and will do their best to make your stay on board a most pleasurable one. If the captain and his crew are not providing satisfactory service, please contact our office for further help, as our aim is to make you satisfied during your stay onboard.

Service charge is not included in the price of your tour and therefore please tip at your own discretion.

The Captain reserves the right to change the route in case of bad weather conditions

Cycle and Sea Adventures or its crew will not be held responsible for any accidents that may occur onboard and insist that clients are informed of this and the need for extra observation and caution whilst being onboard or walking between ship(s) and mainland.

Due to specific mooring conditions and requirements in some Croatian ports, ships are moored side by side, making it necessary for the clients to cross from one ship to another with gaps in between ships in order to get to the shore. In such cases clients need to take special care when crossing and do this at their own risk. Crew assistance will be given to those needing and requesting it.


Any complaints regarding service on board have to be given directly to the ship on the spot, and through the official representative of Cycle and Sea Adventures. Complaints have to be certified by the ship, written in ships complaints book and sent to Cycle and Sea Advent within 15 days from the customer’s departure. On the contrary, such complaints will not be taken in consideration.